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Hollywood Chain Reaction Accidents

One car accident or truck accident in Hollywood all too often leads to another accident. This is especially common when multiple cars are traveling together – on highways and during rush hour, for example. When the first car crashes into an object or another vehicle, all the cars behind them can pile up in one big crash. Unfortunately, determining fault in these types of accidents is often very complicated and there are multiple injured parties in many cases as well as severe injuries.

If you have been in a pileup accident, it is important to protect your rights. With multiple claims and multiple injured parties, these cases can quickly become rather complex. To get legal help and advisement, contact the Flaxman Law Group for a free case evaluation. The Flaxman Law Group has dealt with many catastrophic car accident cases in Hollywood and across South Florida and our lawyers have more than sixty years of experience dealing with traffic accident and personal injury cases in Hollywood and other Florida communities.

Why do Pileup Accidents in Hollywood and Other Cities Happen?

There are many reasons for chain reaction accidents:

  • Close traffic prevents other cars from braking in time to avoid a collision
  • Other motorists rubberneck or look to see an accident, causing secondary accidents
  • Motorists are speeding and unable to stop in time when an accident occurs
  • Mechanical failure occurs and causes a motorist to be unable to stop in time
  • In the event of a large truck accident, a truck driver may plow through multiple vehicles, causing a chain reaction

Unfortunately, if you are injured in a chain reaction accident, your injuries are likely to be severe. The fact that these accidents are larger and have multiple points of impact means that there are more chances for you to sustain a head injury, spinal cord injury, soft tissue damage, fracture, and other types of injury. In addition, getting compensation in these cases can be complicated. There may be multiple liable parties and multiple at-fault drivers. There may be some confusion as to what exactly happened and who was at fault. With multiple insurance companies involved, insurance disputes in Hollywood and other communities are also quite common after a pileup accident.

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney in Hollywood or Your Community to Protect Your Rights

For all of these reasons, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community before making any decisions about your case. As soon as you are able to, contact a personal injury attorney to review your case. An attorney can review your situation, help you review your legal options, guide you through the claims process, and otherwise help you to seek fair compensation for your injuries.

Are you looking for a car accident attorney in Hollywood or South Florida? Contact the Flaxman Law Group, a full-service law firm whose attorneys have more than 60 years of combined experience handling cases similar to yours. Your initial consultation comes with no charge and no obligation, so contact the Flaxman Law Group today.