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Hillsboro Beach Personal Injury

Hillsboro Beach is famous for a long stretch of road on State Road A1A known as "Millionaires Mile" or "Hillsboro Mile" for the affluent homes found there. The city was founded on land grants made by the King of England to the Earl of Hillsborough before the US became a republic. Today, Hillsboro Beach is part of Broward County, Florida, and is home to many tourist attractions, including the Hillsboro Lighthouse. Still the most powerful lighthouse on the East Coast, it was built on the Florida Reef in 1907.

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Hillsboro Beach, Florida is located just over a half-hour away from the Hollywood offices of the Flaxman Law Group. To visit the Flaxman Law Group, drive south on A1A N S/Atlantic Boulevard/Florida A1A S/Hillsboro Mile. Follow A1A N S/Florida A1A S and take a right at E Atlantic Boulevard. Next, take a left and merge onto I-95 S, heading towards Miami. Merge onto FL-820 W/Hollywood Boulevard by taking exit 20. Take a right at Hollywood Boulevard and another right at N 56th Avenue. Turn left at Johnson Street and proceed to 5715 Johnson Street, where the offices of the Flaxman Law Group are located.