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Hialeah Head Injury

Hialeah, Florida, located between Biscayne Bay and the Everglades in Miami-Dade County, is known for its natural beauty and its diverse population. It is also a city without skyscrapers, allowing for sweeping views of the surrounding South Florida vistas. The city has been growing since the 1920s land boom in Florida, when the area was a hot spot for movies, sports, and other forms of entertainment.

Like all Florida cities, Hialeah sees its fair share of serious accidents, some of which lead to Hialeah brain injuries. While all personal injuries are serious, brain injuries can be especially devastating. These types of injuries are often difficult to diagnose but can result in loss of cognitive function, memory loss, vision problems, emotional upset, and many other serious symptoms.

Dramatic brain injuries can occur as a result of Hialeah traffic accidents, slip and fall accidents, and indeed any accident where the head comes into sharp interact contact with a hard surface. When the skull comes into contact with a hard surface, the brain - a jellylike substance - bounces off to the hard surface of the skull inside the head. When this happens, the brain bruises and can bleed, causing damage to tissue. In some cases, the brain can swell, and since the skull is a hard surface there is no room for the brain to go, which can lead to severe brain trauma and even death as the swelling brain pushes up against the skull and sustains damage. In rarer cases, such as some Hialeah truck accidents, the skull is actually fractured or penetrated by a sharp object - such as part of the windshield - leading to direct injury and trauma to the brain tissue. In all cases, the results can be fatal or can lead to permanent injury.

The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group has worked with Hialeah brain injury victims who have suffered a range of traumatic brain injuries. In each case, the legal team carefully reviews the details of the specific case and offers advice as well as assistance that they believe will help the victims. In cases where the accident was caused by someone's negligence, the Flaxman Law Group can pursue a legal claim. In other cases, the Flaxman Law Group can negotiate with insurance carriers or can investigate the accident. The aim of the Flaxman Law Group in every case is to insure that the patient has the financial resources and the assistance to recover as fully as possible.

The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group has successfully helped thousands of personal injury victims across South Florida recover compensation for their injuries. The Flaxman Law Group meets with injured victims and their families to help them understand their rights and options. You can choose to meet with the Flaxman Law Group in one of the law firm`s three offices or in your hospital room, home, or workplace. If you believe that you may have a Hialeah brain injury and claim, contact the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation.