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Hialeah Limited Visibility Motorcycle Accidents

Limited visibility motorcycle accidents in Hialeah and Florida often occur at intersections where parked vehicles, shrubbery and trees can obstruct the view of a motorcyclist from other drivers. However, these types of traffic accidents can occur just about anywhere. They can occur on flat stretches of highway in bad weather or on empty city streets that are poorly lit due to ineffective road design.

If you have been in this type of roadway collision, you can always contact Flaxman Law Group, a law firm in South Florida, for advice and legal counsel. Flaxman Law Group works on a contingent-fee basis, so we don’t collect fees up front. Our law firm also offers free consultations with no obligation, so you risk nothing by at least getting a legal opinion about your situation.

Are You Covered By Insurance After Your Motorcycle Crash?

Insurance difficulties are quite common after a serious motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are likely to cause severe or even fatal injuries, and insurance companies make the most money when they do not pay out the maximum amount possible in every case. A very expensive accident may cost insurance companies a lot of money and in some cases insurance companies will deny your claim or undervalue it.

It is possible for motorcyclists and their families to fight back, however. Motorcyclists can meet with a personal injury attorney and can have that attorney handle the details of the case, from negotiating with insurance carriers to filing a claim in civil court. In many cases, motorcyclists are able to secure a larger settlement amount or fairer compensation if an attorney who is familiar with insurance laws and civil laws is handling the details of negotiations and legal claim.

Preventing Limited Visibility Collisions

A motorcyclist can take several steps to prevent low visibility crashes:

  • Wear light clothing or reflective clothing
  • Use a high-quality headlight on the front and rear of the motorcycle
  • Use reflective materials on the motorcycle to make the motorcycle more visible at night
  • Buy a high-quality helmet that allows maximum visibility
  • Keep the motorcycle in good repair so that the windshield and the headlights provide maximum visibility

Even with all these precautions, sometimes low visibility accidents cannot be easily prevented. This is because in many cases they are caused by negligence on the part of others. For example, poor road design or poor road maintenance can lead to visibility issues that can cause a crash. In these cases, it is important to go after liable parties and to hold them accountable to ensure that others are not injured in the same way. Pursuing a civil claim can also help an injured motorcyclist get compensation for their losses.

If you are looking for a personal injury attorney in Hialeah or your South Florida city, contact Flaxman Law Group. Flaxman Law Group offers a free initial consultation to injured parties. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. The attorneys at our law firm understand that you have questions after your traffic crash, and we want to be there for you when you have concerns.