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Hialeah Elder Abuse

Elder abuse in Hialeah and South Florida takes many forms, including financial, mental, sexual, physical, or medical abuse. Neglect is also considered a form of elder abuse, especially in cases where an elderly patient is too ill or fragile to care for themselves. In some cases, abuse is a single event, while in others it is a pattern of abusive or negligent behavior. In all cases, neglect and abuse can lead to serious ailments and complications, including falls, malnutrition, bed sores, and other problems that can be very severe for a senior who is already vulnerable.

If someone in your family has suffered injuries due to abuse or neglect, there are places you can turn to for assistance. For example, you can always contact the law firm of Flaxman Law Group for legal advice and representation. The legal team at Flaxman Law Group even offers a free initial consultation with no obligation, so you have nothing to lose by getting a personalized legal evaluation of your situation.

Elder Abuse Can Happen Anywhere and to Any Senior

All seniors are vulnerable to abuse and neglect. Seniors can be subject to abuse in their homes, assisted-living facilities, and retirement communities or nursing homes. Caregivers, including friends and family, can prey on vulnerable elderly residents. In some cases, other elderly persons at a nursing home can be the perpetrators. In addition, staff, managers, and owners of care environments sometimes are responsible for abuse and neglect. Since every senior is vulnerable, it is important for friends and family of elderly loved ones to be vigilant and to act immediately if they see any signs of criminal activity or abuse.

Why Elder Abuse Happens

Elder abuse is a complicated topic, and psychologists and psychiatrists have many theories about why it happens. Some of the more common reasons for elder abuse include:

  • Overwhelmed caregivers who do not have enough time for themselves
  • Caregivers who resent their duties
  • Undertrained or under-experienced staff
  • High staff turnover at nursing homes or other care facilities
  • Lack of staff or resident screening at nursing homes and other facilities

There is no excuse for abuse and neglect. If a loved one has been affected by incompetent or negligent caregivers, you and your family deserve answers as well as justice. Contact a personal injury attorney in Hialeah or your community to help remove your elderly loved one from an abusive environment right away and to start a legal process for seeking compensation.

Florida has laws to protect its most vulnerable residents from assisted living facility and nursing home abuse. In the event of abuse and neglect, laws allow victims and their families to recover legal costs, medical expenses (including expected future medical costs), pain and suffering, and damages as well as other losses. However, in order to seek compensation families need a thorough understanding of the law and often need assistance building strong cases. The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have more than six decades of combined experience helping families like yours seek justice and compensation. If you or a member of our family has suffered an injury and you need legal advice, contact our law firm at any time for a free case review.