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Hialeah Automobile & Motorcycle

Have you been in a motorcycle and car accident in Hialeah? For motorcyclists, this type of accident is their worst nightmare, since few bikers walk away from this sort of collision without injuries. These types of crashes are likely to result in fatalities or serious and permanent injuries.

If you have been in a car accident, you may be interested in a free, no obligation case review so that you can discuss your case with a personal injury attorney. Do you have questions for an attorney but want to know more about your case or the value of your injuries without obligation or cost? Contact Flaxman Law Group for your free appointment.

Do You Really Need A Personal Injury Attorney After a Motorcycle Or Car Accident?

Many people assume that they do not need an attorney, but this can be a costly mistake. After a motorcycle and car crash, it is common for the motorcyclist to have devastating injuries. These types of accidents are likely to result in fatalities, permanent injuries, and injuries that take many years to recover from.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies will pay out insurance money quickly and inexpensively. This means that in these types of serious accidents injuries can be easily undervalued. Unfortunately, if you accept insurance money and realize down the line that it does not cover all of your lost income, medical bills, and other expenses, you may have little recourse. This is because you may be signing away some of your rights to pursue a legal claim by accepting insurance money and because there is a statute of limitations in Florida on how much time you have before you launch a legal claim.

Speaking with a personal injury attorney in Hialeah or your community is important because it allows you to understand how much your claim may be worth and how to determine whether you have a case. You can also review other options that may have and that you can pursue to get fair compensation. Fair compensation is your right under the law and it can help protect your family from financial distress and difficult decisions down the line.

There are many things that the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group can do for you after your motorcycle and car collision:

  • They can help you understand whether you have a case and how much your case may be worth
  • They can review any insurance offers that you have received
  • They can review any documentation that you have received about the case
  • They can investigate your accident and get you answers while building a strong case on your behalf
  • They can help you with the insurance claims process
  • They can represent you in court if you decide to file a legal claim
  • They can handle all the legal process of handling a legal claim
  • They can hire private investigators, expert witnesses, accident reconstruction experts, and other professionals you may need in your case
  • They can advise you as to the best ways to protect your rights
  • They can take care of all the details so that you can return to your life

Would you like to speak to a team of attorneys with more than six decades of insurance industry and trial experience? Contact Flaxman Law Group today for your no cost, no obligation consultation.