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After a serious car accident or truck accident in Hialeah, it's common to feel upset and helpless. However, it's important to keep in mind that under Florida law you do have rights. In fact, there may be many things that you can do after your car accident to ensure that you heal and that you get the financial resources you deserve.

To help you understand all your options, contact the Flaxman Law Group to speak with a personal injury attorney. We absorb all the risk of your initial consultation; there is no cost to you and no obligation. Your consultation is simply your chance to find out what rights you have and how much your case may be worth. It is also your chance to ask questions and get answers.

What Can I Do if I Have Been Injured?

Your options will depend on the specifics of your case. However, you may be able to:

  • Pursue The Other Driver And Their Insurance Company For Civil Damages
  • Pursue Other Liable Parties For Compensation
  • Negotiate With Your Insurance Company For Fair Compensation
  • Get Support From Victims Services And Local Support Groups
  • Get Assistance With The Insurance And Legal Process From A Personal Injury Attorney

You are not alone after your car accident. There are many people who will be willing to help you. There are support groups available for victims of car accidents and there are also personal injury attorneys in Hialeah willing to help you pursue your claim.

Why Do T-Bone Accidents Happen?

There are many reasons why drivers run red lights and stop signs, causing an accident:

  • Driver distraction
  • Being in a hurry
  • Road rage
  • Drunk driving or inebriated driving

There is no excuse for ignoring traffic signals and signs. If a driver has been reckless enough to run a red light or stop sign and has severely injured you or a family member, Florida law allows you to seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and more. Your compensation could add up to tens of thousands of dollars or more, depending on your situation.

To find out about the strength of your case and about how much your case could be worth, contact a personal injury attorney at the Flaxman Law Group today to review your situation in a free consultation. Your case may be worth more than you think and knowing how much you may be able to recover can help you evaluate insurance offers you may have received.

The attorneys at the Flaxman Law Group have dealt with thousands of car accident and personal injury claims in South Florida. They have experience collecting compensation from insurance companies, underinsured motorists, underinsured motorists, and drunk drivers.

No matter what has caused your car accident, get answers and start protecting your rights by contacting a personal injury attorneys at the Flaxman Law Group today. We can help you seek compensation by letting you know whether you can file a wrongful death lawsuit or personal injury lawsuit or another type of claim. For a free consultation anywhere in southern Florida, contact us today.