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Hallandale Beach Bicycle Accident

Hallandale Beach, in Florida's Broward County, is a city very popular with tourists from Canada and the Northern region of the US. Due to its mild climate and convenient amenities, Hallandale Beach attracts tourists who eventually decide to retire in the area, which is why the city is sometimes referred to as the "Southernmost Canadian City." Hallandale Beach is known for its impressive financial district and for its horseracing and greyhound racing venues. It also has many shops, restaurants, and attractions.

Bicyclist enthusiasts in Hallandale Beach note that while the city is a great place to bicycle, it also has many motorists who are hesitant to share the road with bicycles. Unfortunately, this can create a very dangerous situation. Some of the more common causes for Hallandale beach bicycle accident include:

  1. Impaired drivers. Hallandale Beach drunk driving accidents are even more devastating when the collision takes place between a relatively unprotected bicyclist and a motorist. While the motorist will generally walk away from the accident without a scratch, bicyclists are likely to be killed or seriously injured in this type of Hallandale Beach traffic accident because they have less glass, plastic, and metal protecting them.
  2. Drivers negligently pulling in front of or turning directly in front of a bicyclist. Many motorists fail to look both ways or take proper precautions when pulling in front of a bicyclist, and this can cut off the bicyclist in a way that causes a collision, since it does not give the bicyclist enough time to brake.
  3. Drivers failing to yield right-of-way. Motorists who fail to yield right-of-way in various situations are one of the leading causes of Hallandale Beach car accidents and bicycle accidents.
  4. Drivers failing to stop at a red light or stop sign. When drivers fail to obey traffic signals and run red lights or traffic stops, they can easily T-bone bicyclists who are heading in the opposite direction. In these cases, the potential for fatalities very high.
  5. Driver inattention or distraction. Florida is one of the few states that currently does not have any texting bans for motorists. As a result, many drivers drive distracted while looking at their mobile devices, and fail to notice pedestrians or bicyclists, causing many Hallandale Beach pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents.

Whatever causes a Hallandale Beach bicycle accident, when that accident is caused by negligent or reckless driver, the victim has rights under Florida law in order to pursue a legal claim to get compensation for medical costs, property damage, lost income, and other expenses related to their injuries. In order to pursue a successful claim, however, it is important to consult with a qualified Hallandale Beach personal injury attorney in order to get the legal representation and advice needed for a successful case.

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