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Hallandale Beach Overweight / Overload Trucks

According to the federal North American Cargo Securement Standard, cargo on commercial vehicles must be adequately secured and properly distributed. This helps ensure that cargo does not drop or slip from the truck, creating a hazard to other road users. Unfortunately, even though truck drivers, truck carriers, and cargo loaders are all responsible for ensuring that cargo is secured correctly and does not exceed safe weight limits created by the federal government, unsecured and overloaded cargo still makes its way onto Hallandale Beach and Florida streets.

If you have been injured by an unsafe truck or a negligent truck driver, you do have rights. To review your options, contact Flaxman Law Group, a full service law firm in South Florida. Our team of attorneys can review your case in a free consultation to let you know whether you have a claim. We can also help address your concerns and your questions.

Rules That Protect You on the Road
  • There many ways that overloaded trucks are kept off the road:
  • There are weigh stations that trucks must visit to ensure that they are not exceeding weight limits
  • There are mobile weigh stations in some parts of the country to test trucks on roads where permanent weight stations are not available
  • There are federal laws that require truck carriers, cargo loaders, and truck drivers to secure cargo correctly and to obey certain weight limits for cargo
  • There are laws which allow truck drivers, truck carriers, and other liable parties to face charges and fines if they are found to exceed the weight limits
  • There are civil laws to allow people who have been injured by an overloaded or unsafe truck to seek compensation and justice from truck carriers and other liable parties

Unfortunately, even with all of these precautions, unsafe and overloaded trucks do make it onto our roads. In some cases, truck drivers and truck carriers simply ignore weight limits or fail to notice that cargo is secured incorrectly. In other cases, truck carriers and truck drivers knowingly overload trucks or fail to secure cargo correctly, sometimes going out of their way to avoid weigh stations in order to evade justice. Whether intentional or not, unsafe loading of cargo and overloading of cargo poses a serious danger to you, your family, and anyone else using the road in your community.

Truck Collisions in Hallandale Beach and Florida Pose Serious Challenges

There are many reasons why truck accidents can be especially challenging:

  • Truck carriers and truck drivers are protected by powerful insurance companies who take steps to protect their clients
  • There are often multiple liable parties in these accidents, including truck drivers, truck companies, truck manufacturers, and others, making these cases more complex
  • It can be difficult to determine the cause of an accident because truck collisions often cause catastrophic damage and may damage evidence on site
  • Trucking accidents often cause devastating or permanent injuries, which means that these injuries often exceed the caps placed on PIP claims and insurance coverage, so victims who have sustained injuries may need to seek other legal options to get fair compensation

Fortunately, these challenges can be dealt with. To start reviewing your options, you can always contact Flaxman Law Group.