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Hallandale Beach Inadequate Supervision

If a caregiver fails to keep a vulnerable adult or your child from harm, you may have a right to justly pursue compensation in a legal case. You can pursue compensation to pay for damages, including psychological care, medical costs, and other losses. Inadequate supervision cases in Hallandale Beach and other communities are often devastating for families and it is important to act fast to protect your family and loved ones.

The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have families, and we understand how important it is that you can take care of yours. If you suspect that a loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or negligence in Hallandale Beach or your community, we would like to be of assistance. We would like to extend the offer of a free, no obligation consultation for you and your family so that you can get legal advice about your situation.

What is Negligent Supervision?

Negligent supervision can take place in nursing homes, daycares, babysitting situations, homes, assisted living facilities, and in virtually any situation where someone requires care or monitoring in order to stay reasonably safe. Many inadequate supervision cases are nursing home abuse and negligence cases, but these types of situations can actually arise in a variety of care settings.

To have a legal claim in these situations, you must be able to show that the liable party in the case failed to provide an adequate level of supervision and that this failure directly led to a preventable injury. Everyone knows that accidents can happen, but you may have a claim if an incident or injury ought to have been foreseen and prevented through reasonable action.

If you are not sure whether you have a legal claim or personal injury claim, contact a personal injury attorney. A good attorney can review the details of your case and can help you find out whether you have a claim or any options for pursuing compensation. An experienced lawyer can tell you the relative strength of your case and how much your potential claim may be worth. If you do decide to pursue a legal claim, of course, you will usually want legal assistance to do so since many liable parties in these types of cases are powerful defendants protected by insurance companies.

Why Does Negligent Supervision Happen?

There are many reasons why inadequate supervision occurs in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other care environments:

  • High staff turnover
  • Lack of adequate numbers of staff members
  • Overcrowding
  • Undertrained staff
  • Abusive or incompetent staff
  • Poor policies that do not emphasize supervision
  • Economic cutbacks that reduce the amount of supervision or staff available
  • Incorrect type of supervision (for example, not providing medical supervision when needed)

If you would like to review your legal options, contact Flaxman Law Group. You can meet a member of our law staff at our offices in Homestead, Hollywood, and Miami. We can also meet with you in a hospital room, your home, or workplace. In some cases, we can even offer legal advice over the phone. Flaxman Law Group takes cases on a contingency fee basis, so if you have a legitimate claim we may be able to assist you and only gather legal fees and other costs once we win your case on your behalf. Contact Flaxman Law Group today for more details.