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Hallandale Beach Rollover Accidents

Being in any car accident in Hallandale Beach or your community is terrifying, but it can be especially frightening to be in a rollover. In these types of traffic accidents, you lose complete control of your car and can’t even take any steps to minimize impact. Your injuries are also more likely to be severe since you are thrown about the inside of the car.

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How Car Design Can Lead to Car Rollovers in Hallandale Beach and Across the Country

Car manufacturers have an obligation to create vehicles that are reasonably safe when used properly. Unfortunately, car manufacturing companies and the companies that make car parts are sometimes negligent in producing their products. When parts of the car are designed or manufactured incorrectly, rollover accidents can be the result. For example, if poor stability design or poorly designed suspension systems fail to act adequately, a car may rollover on an uneven surface.

If the braking and handling of the vehicle is incorrect, a car driver may lose control more easily and may find themselves in a rollover crash. Tires are another thing that comes under close scrutiny in the event of a rollover accident. Tire tread defects, tire failure, and poor braking systems can all cause the driver to lose control in such a way that a rollover occurs.

What Caused Your Injuries?

In these cases, attorneys often not only look at what has caused a rollover accident, but also any defective products that may have contributed to injuries as a result of the accident. For example, if the roof of your car is not designed or manufactured correctly and is easily crushed, that poor design may contribute to head injuries or spinal cord injuries in your case. If seatbelts fail to work correctly, you may be ejected in a collision, and this may contribute to serious injuries. Head restraint devices, roof supports, seatbelts, seat backs, seat belt buckles, glass, windshields, and other systems are all carefully looked at following a crash in order to determine whether they failed to protect you. If they did, you may have a product liability claim in Hallandale Beach or your community.

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