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Fort Lauderdale Limited Visibility Motorcycle Accidents

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that in 2010 the number of fatalities linked to motorcycles was roughly 30 times the number of fatalities linked to car crashes. While motorcycles provide plenty of freedom, they also come with a host of dangers. One of the dangers involves visibility issues. Since motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, larger trucks and SUVs can easily block visibility for smaller motorcycles. Motorcyclists can also find their view blocked by overgrown shrubs and poor road design in Fort Lauderdale and other communities.

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What Causes Limited Visibility Traffic Collisions in Florida?

There are many things that can cause traffic collisions. Factors for limited visibility crashes include:

  • Fog
  • Rain and other weather conditions
  • Traffic
  • Physical obstructions, such as signs or trees
  • Night time
  • Incorrect use of headlights
  • Poor road design or inadequate road lighting
Speaking with a Personal Injury Attorney in Fort Lauderdale or Your Community

After a low visibility motorcycle crash, a traffic accident lawyer can evaluate the merits of your potential case and can review your rights under Florida law. He or she can answer your questions and can help you negotiate with insurance carriers and other liable parties, looking over settlement offers and other offers to help you understand whether you deserve a larger amount to pay for your losses.

An experienced lawyer knows how to build a strong case so that you have the best chance possible if you decide to file a legal claim. A personal injury attorney can also help you understand the steps you can take to preserve your rights. You don't want to be accused of insurance fraud, causing the accident, or of exaggerating your injuries. Unfortunately, these are tactics that are all too often used to get plaintiff to accept low offers that do not cover the full cost of their lost wages, medical expenses, and other costs. A personal injury attorney can work on your side to ensure that you get the best compensation possible in your case.

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