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Fort Lauderdale Rear-End Shunt Accidents

Rear-end shunt accidents in Fort Lauderdale and other Florida communities often occur at intersections. You may be stopped at a red light or stop sign only to find that the car behind you crashes into your rear bumper, jostling you forward and causing serious injury to yourself and any passengers in your vehicle. These types of accidents often result in whiplash, internal injuries, head trauma, fractures, lacerations, and other serious injuries.

If you have been injured in a rear end collision, contact Flaxman Law Group immediately. Before you contact any insurance companies and before you sign any paperwork in your case, it is a good idea to get legal advice about your situation. You may be entitled to more compensation than you realize, and seeking fair compensation in your case can help you pursue the best medical treatment and can help you improve the quality of your life after your accident.

How Much Will Your Life Change after a Serious Car Collision in Fort Lauderdale or Florida?

The impact of a rear-end shunt accident can reach virtually every area of your life. It can:

  • Leave you unable to work
  • Affect future income opportunities
  • Require you to have at-home care or even live in an assisted-living facility
  • Rob you of time with your family
  • Damage your car so badly that it needs to be extensively repaired or replaced
  • Leave you with permanent injury
  • Leave you with considerable medical bills
  • Require complicated and expensive medical treatments
  • Leave you with mental and emotional trauma
  • Leave you with sleep disorders, depression, and other issues
  • Affect your relationships, especially if you feel stressed due to the accident or if you are facing financial issues as a result of the injuries
  • Affect your mobility and ability to lead a full, normal life
  • Prevent you from returning to previous activities and hobbies that you used to enjoy
  • Result in medical complications if you have serious or permanent injury that affects your long-term health
  • Shorten your lifespan or leave you with a smaller life expectancy
Looking for Assistance After a Serious Rear-End Car or Motorcycle Accident?

There no way to turn back time and prevent an accident from occurring. However, if your life has been affected by a traffic collision, it is important to get answers and to get fair compensation for your injuries, particularly if your injuries are significant. Getting fair compensation ensures that you have the financial resources you need when you must make decisions about quality medical care, housing, and other concerns following your accident. Speaking with a personal injury attorney is an important first step in ensuring that you get fair, full compensation for your injuries.

Charles Flaxman and the rest of the staff at Flaxman Law Group are completely dedicated to our clients. Our aim is to make clients lives as easy as possible after traumatic accident or injury. We know we can't turn back the hands of time, but we take care of all the details so that you don't have to worry. For example, we can help you get a rental car, find a doctor, get your car fixed, and more. Contact Flaxman Law Group today to arrange a free, no obligation legal assessment of your situation.