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Fort Lauderdale Inadequate Supervision

Many factors can lead to inadequate supervision cases in Fort Lauderdale and other communities. One common issue is that caregivers and staff at care facilities may not check the level of care needed in a specific case or may fail to provide the appropriate level of care. In some cases, understaffing or budget cuts can affect the quality of supervision available.

No matter what the cause, a nursing home, daycare facility, school, assisted living facility, or other organization can be found liable if they put a vulnerable adult or child at risk. If your family member has been affected by inadequate supervision or other instances of negligence, Flaxman Law Group would be pleased to offer you and your family a free, confidential case evaluation so that you can review your options with a member of our legal staff. Flaxman Law Group is a full service law firm serving the South Florida community. We may be able to help you review your rights and explain your options for legal redress.

Why Inadequate Security is a Concern

One of the issues with nursing homes and assisted living facilities is that they engage just enough orderlies, staff, and nurses to fulfill Florida requirements. However, this number of personnel may not be enough to provide a good level of care for residents and patients. When there is not enough staff to care for patients and residents, patients may wander away from the facility or may not get the adequate supervision and support they need with bathing, walking, eating, and performing other tasks. For someone who is seriously ill or has a serious condition, this lack of adequate monitoring can lead to a slip and fall accidents in Fort Lauderdale, inadequate food intake, and other potentially life-threatening injuries and damages. When facilities make the decision to under-hire due to financial concerns or when they don't take care to hire adequately trained and competent staff, the residents of the facility can really suffer.

Providing Adequate Monitoring

There are many things that nursing homes and assisted living facilities can do to provide a safe environment for their residents and patients:

  • They can provide monitoring devices for patients to account for their whereabouts
  • They can secure the facility with security cameras and door alarms to ensure that residents do not wander off
  • They can provide adequate staff to ensure that patients are properly monitored
  • They can provide different levels of supervision to different patients, based on patient abilities, and can keep careful records to ensure that each patient receives the adequate amount of supervision
  • They can have policies in place to ensure that each resident gets the support, medication, and nutritional support that they need

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