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Fort Lauderdale Hit by a Drunk Driver

What Should You Do If You Are Injured By A Drunk Driver?

Drunk drivers can change promising lives in an instant. Each year, thousands of people are severely injured or killed by motorists who decide to drive after drinking. In many cases, these drivers drive erratically and often motorists and pedestrians don't see inebriated drivers coming and cannot respond in time to avoid a collision.

If you have suffered an injury because of a drunk driver, you will want to contact emergency services right away so that police can arrest the person responsible and get you emergency medical help. However, you also want to call a personal injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale or your community as soon as possible after your accident so that you can protect your rights and get compensation for the injuries which were not your fault. You can always reach the Flaxman Law Group to set up a free appointment to discuss your case.

The Dangers of DUI

There are many reasons why drunk driving is so dangerous. Drivers who are inebriated:

  • Are more likely to fall asleep at the wheel
  • Have slower response times
  • Have poor judgment
  • May drive erratically or aggressively
  • May not notice traffic signs, traffic lights, and pedestrians
  • Have poor motor skills

Behind the wheel of a car, these factors can be deadly. Someone who is inebriated simply cannot safely operate a car and avoid a car accident.

Why Do Drivers Drink and Drive?

There are many reasons why motorists decide to drive drunk:

  • They think they won't get caught
  • They don't want to pay for a cab or another way home
  • They don't admit that they are drunk or they assume they are okay to drive
  • They rationalize that it's only a short distance
  • It’s inconvenient to find another route home.

None of these reasons are worth risking a life for, and that's exactly what drivers do every time they get behind the wheel of their vehicle after drinking. It is important to hold drunk drivers responsible for their actions.

Holding drunk drivers accountable for criminal charges and civil charges does several things:

  • It sends a message that drunk driving is always unacceptable
  • It can get someone who has a history of drunk driving to have their license taken away, ensuring that they don't drive under the influence again
  • It can secure compensation for victims, so they can pay for quality medical care and replace lost income
Do You Have Questions After a DUI Accident?

A personal injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale who has experience with DUI cases has likely answered similar questions in similar cases and can help you find the answers. A good lawyer can review the specifics of your situation and make recommendations. In some cases, an attorney can also research a specific answer or can investigate your accident to get you the answers you deserve.

To pursue fair and reasonable compensation, talk to the attorneys at the Flaxman Law Group to review your options. The attorneys at the Flaxman Law Group have more 60 years of combined experience and are proud to offer contingency fee services and free consultations, so that you can pursue a legal case with experienced attorneys without worrying about upfront costs.