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Fort Lauderdale Insurance Law

If you have been injured or have sustained property damage, you deserve to get the compensation that you are entitled to under your insurance policy. Whether you have been in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale, have sustained fire damage to your home, or have another insurance claim, the Flaxman Law Group believes that insurance companies should be made to stand by their promises. Our team of compassionate and persistent attorneys can navigate through the complex insurance laws and claims process in order to pursue fair compensation for you.

The Flaxman Law Group has successfully represented thousands of personal injury plaintiffs and insurance claimants across South Florida. With offices in Homestead, Hollywood, and Miami, we are poised to travel to anywhere within southern Florida to meet with you if you cannot meet in our offices. Our initial consultation is free and comes with no obligation. Whether your insurance claims have been denied, delayed, or underpaid, we will work with you to get to the answers and money you deserve.

Are You Frustrated With Dealing With Your Insurance Company?

Do you feel like your windstorm, homeowner insurance, car insurance, medical insurance, or other insurance claim has not been properly paid or has been improperly handled? Do you feel that your claim has been denied unfairly? If so, contact the Flaxman Law Group to speak with an insurance attorney. Our team has more than 60 years of combined experience and we have stood up against insurance companies on behalf of plaintiffs thousands of times.

If a loved one had a life insurance policy and you cannot access the insurance money for some reason you may have a hard time paying for final medical expenses, funeral costs, and other expenses. If your business insurance money is not forthcoming after a natural disaster, your business may be facing closing. Insurance disputes have very real and frightening consequences, but help is available. You do have rights.

Do You Have a Legal Claim?

Many people assume that they have a bad faith claim in their insurance case if their claim is denied. This is not always the case. In some situations, the insurance company may in fact have a legitimate reason to deny your claim.

If your claim has been denied for no good reason, you may want to pursue an unfair claims denial case or breach of contract case instead. Bad faith claims are a personal injury claim while unfair claims denial cases are usually handled as insurance disputes or as commercial claims. Speaking with a personal injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale can help you determine what type of lawsuit you should pursue and what type of strong case you can build.

If you're having trouble with your insurance company, it can be a very frustrating experience. Call the Flaxman Law Group to get answers to your insurance questions. If your claim is not being handled properly, we can provide you with the representation you need to go toe to toe with your insurance provider with a strong case. We are proud to serve clients across the South Florida communities through our offices in Homestead, Hollywood, and Miami. Call today for your free, no obligation consultation.