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Deerfield Beach Passenger Safety

The driver of a car, truck, or other vehicle has a duty to keep his or her passengers safe. This may mean ensuring that their car is in good mechanical condition and has seatbelts or age-appropriate car safety restraint systems for child passengers. It may also mean that the driver does not drive drunk and takes reasonable precautions to not drive recklessly or negligently. When drivers and motorists fail to take these precautions, they can be held liable if their passenger is injured in a car collision in Deerfield Beach or their community.

As South Florida personal injury lawyers, the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group understand the toll that a serious roadway collision can have. We understand that often there is financial distress as well as pain and suffering falling serious injury. We also understand that if you have been injured as an occupants in the vehicle, there may be some awkwardness in pursuing a legal claim against the at fault driver, especially if he or she is a colleague, friend, or family members. If you have been injured, contact our law firm for a case assessment.

Are You Covered as a Passenger in a Traffic Collision in Deerfield Beach or Your Community?

Many people feel vulnerable when they are not behind the wheel themselves. Not only do we lose control of the driving as passengers, but we also lose some control if we are in a collision. As a driver, we are dealing with their own insurance company and the coverage that we have chosen after a crash. As occupants in the vehicle, when we are injured we are dealing with the driver's insurance policy, which may be different than our own.

It can be awkward to try to deal with someone else's insurance company when making a claim. Nevertheless, in many cases you are covered as a passenger by the driver's insurance. It is important to find out what compensation and benefits you may be eligible for, especially if you have been seriously injured. Even something as simple as a fracture can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars in lost income, medical bills, and more. Pursuing fair compensation is not only a right but in many cases it can also help you avoid serious financial distress.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle crash, you need to make major life decisions – such as the decision whether to let the accident go or whether to seek a claim before moving forward. In these cases, it is important to at least file an insurance claim. Depending on the specifics of your case, you will generally file a claim with the insurance company of the car driver. However, your own insurance company may also be able to help you. You may also wish to discuss whether you have a legal claim. You can do so by contacting a personal injury attorney to find out what rights you have.

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The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group are ready and willing to discuss the details of your injury or accident. In a free consultation, the attorneys are law firm would be pleased to help address your questions and concerns and would be pleased over the details of your situation with you so that you can understand your legal options.