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Deerfield Beach Motorcycle Maneuverability Accidents

When motorcyclists use the maneuverability of their bike to drive recklessly, problems can arise quickly. Although motorcycles can indeed handle in ways that passenger cars cannot, the vehicles still have their limits and it is important to respect those limits. Motorcycle maneuverability collisions are not always the result of rider error, however. In some cases, the trucks and cars sharing the road with motorcycles may assume that motorcycles are more maneuverable than they are and may take unneeded risks, which can easily lead to chain reaction collisions in Deerfield Beach and other communities --- as well as other types of roadway accidents.

The Biggest Mistakes That People Make After A Serious Accident Or Injury

The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group routinely see people making serious mistakes after a traffic accident or serious injury. Common mistakes made include:

1) Not documenting information. After any injury, it is important to get as much information as possible. In an accident, that may mean getting insurance information from the other driver in the crash as well as taking photos of the scene or getting contact information of any witnesses. It can also mean keeping a record of your injuries and keeping all the receipts related to your injuries. Even taxi cab receipts and transportation to doctors’ appointments can add up. The more evidence and information you can gather, the stronger your case may be.

2) Inadvertently signing away rights or accepting blame. Even seemingly simple statements can be misconstrued. Simply saying “sorry” after a traffic accident can be construed as accepting blame, which can later harm your case. When speaking about your accident, stick to the facts and let an attorney handle any discussions with defendants or insurance companies. Avoid speaking about your injuries or any activities on social media and follow your attorney’s advice carefully when it comes to your case.

3) Not reporting an accident. If you suspect that a driver was driving drunk or if you think that they may have violated laws before or during the accident, it is important to call police. You will also want to call authorities if someone is seriously injured or killed in the accident. Even with a minor accident, however, you want to report the accident and file an insurance claim. Delaying reporting an accident can make it harder for authorities and insurance companies to secure evidence in your case and in some cases it can make it harder for you to get compensation because insurance companies may claim that you were not seriously injured.

4) Not getting legal advice. If you have been injured, it is important to get legal advice about your situation. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to negotiate with your insurance carrier or you may have a civil claim in your case. Seeking legal advice from a personal injury attorney in Deerfield Beach or your community also helps you understand not only your options, but also how much your injuries may end up costing you. This makes it easier for you to evaluate insurance and settlement offers.

Do You Need to Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney After Your Collision?

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