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Deerfield Beach Unsafe Lane Changing Accidents

Unfortunately, when some drivers do not operate their cars or vehicles correctly, everyone else on the road is threatened. A classic example of this involves incorrect lane changes. It is expected that everyone on the roads in Deerfield Beach and across South Florida will take proper precautions when changing lanes, whether it is to pass or simply to prepare to make a turn. When drivers are negligent in changing lanes correctly, they take the lives of surrounding drivers into their own hands. In many cases, unsafe lane changes happen quickly and cause devastating accidents that can affect impacted drivers forever.

If you have been seriously injured because another driver failed to signal or failed to change lanes correctly, you may have a legal claim and you may be able to negotiate with insurance carriers to get fair compensation in your situation. To protect your rights and interests, do not hesitate to contact Flaxman Law Group to review your legal options. Our attorneys are completely committed to helping clients get fair compensation and honest legal advice about their situation. Your initial consultation with us is free and comes with absolutely no obligation.

How Will a Serious Traffic Accident in Deerfield Beach or Your Community Change Your Life?

A lane change accident can change your life forever. It can:

  • Leave you unable to return to work
  • Mean that you require around-the-clock care, at home care, or even the services of an assisted-living facility or long-term care facility
  • Leave you with high medical bills that you cannot pay
  • Mean months or weeks away from work
  • Leave you with permanent injuries
  • Leave you in chronic pain for months or even a lifetime
  • Leave you devastated, depressed, and struggling to deal with the anxiety that a serious accident can create
  • Affect your relationships
  • Leave you facing eviction, bankruptcy, or other financial disasters if you cannot pay your bills
  • Mean that you have to deal with a complicated insurance or legal process
  • Require expensive car repairs or even car replacement
  • Affect your mobility
  • Affect your hobbies or everyday tasks
  • Make it harder for you to care for your family or your children
What Can You Do if You Have Been Injured?

It is devastating to have your life essentially taken away from you because a driver was reckless and failed to take the simple precautions required when changing lanes. In many cases, changing lanes safely requires only a few extra seconds to check blind spots and mirrors, and to flick on the signals. When drivers are reckless and fail to take these simple precautions and you are injured as a result, you may have a legal claim or an insurance claim that allows you to seek compensation so that you at least don't have to deal with the financial disaster that may occur after a serious traffic collision.

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