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Deerfield Beach Physical Abuse

In many cases, assault and battery in Deerfield Beach and other communities occurs from one event. However, it can also be separate events as well. Battery refers to any nonconsensual physical contact while assault is an attempt at making that contact. In some situations, someone may make aggressive verbal threats or gestures (assault) or may only lash out aggressively (battery) with no warning.

In both cases, a civil claim may be possible. There may also be other legal options available to you. To find out what can be done in your case, contact Flaxman Law Group to find out what your legal options are. You initial consultation comes with no cost and no obligation, so you risk nothing.

Seeking Compensation In Assault And Battery Cases

In some cases, even though assault and battery are traumatic it is simply not feasible to file a legal claim because there are no damages that occur. For example, if someone is very threatening in an assault but does not cause actual physical injury, it may simply not be worth it to fight for a day in court. However, when an assault and battery results in hospital bills, medical costs, lost time at work, and other financial damages, in many cases it is a good idea to pursue a legal claim, if possible, as it may be the only way to secure financial resources needed.

What Can Property Owners To Do To Prevent Physical Assault And Battery?

One of the options in assault and battery cases is pursuing a legal claim against the perpetrator. However, in some cases it is possible to pursue a claim against a property owner if the property where the assault took place was not adequately secured.

There are many steps that property owners can take to prevent battery, assault, rape, and other violence on their property:

  • Hire off-duty policeman or security companies
  • Install security cameras or other security systems and post notices on the doors about these systems
  • Screen employees and others who have access to the building
  • Place guards or bouncers at the doors to provide added security and crowd control
  • Provide added security during times when crime is most likely
  • Provide adequate lighting, especially in garages and remote areas
  • Provide valet parking in high-risk neighborhoods

When property owners fail to take adequate steps and someone is injured in an assault, battery, or other violent act, the person who survived the attack may be able to launch an inadequate security claim in Deerfield Beach or their community against the property owner.

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