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Davie Limited Visibility Motorcycle Accidents

Since a motorcycle is smaller than a passenger car or big rig, drivers may have a hard time seeing a motorcyclist. However, while a truck driver has to contend with many blind spots, motorcyclists, too, are subject to visibility issues. Precisely because motorcycles are so small they can easily find their way blocked by large machinery on construction sites or by commercial vehicles such as large trucks. In some cases, poor road design in Davie or other communities means that motorcyclists cannot see in front of them because shrubbery or large building blocks away, especially at intersections. Motorcycles are especially vulnerable to visibility issues because relatively small things can cause a motorcyclist lose control. A pothole or some spilled debris on the road that might not pose a danger to a passenger car, for example, can pose a serious hazard to a motorcycle. It is especially important for motorcyclists to maintain good visibility and to be protected with responsible road design and good lighting on roads.

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Where Do Limited Visibility Traffic Collisions Happen in Davie and Florida?

Limited visibility accidents can happen:

  • At intersections
  • On rural roads
  • In suburbs
  • On interstate highways
  • In dense fog
  • On exit ramps
  • On bright sunny days
  • In poor weather
  • At night
  • In early morning or early evening

Studies show that nearly 70 percent of limited visibility motorcycle accidents are intersection collisions. This is because intersections often have multiple obstacles, including:

  • Buildings
  • Street signs
  • Other, larger vehicles
  • Trees, hedges, and shrubs
  • Construction work

Intersections are already dangerous because there are so many types of traffic in a relatively small space, all headed in different directions. They can be even more dangerous for motorcyclists, in part because poor visibility can easily occur at intersections due to poor road design, overgrown shrubs, other vehicles, and other issues. It can be difficult to see around large commercial trucks and in some cases not seeing a hazard in time can result in a serious collision.

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