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Davie Bald Tires / Tire Blowout

Truck and car accidents in Davie and other Florida cities are caused by a number of factors, but one common cause of many collisions is tire failure. When commercial trucks, especially, do not properly maintain their tires, tires may wear down or lead to a blowout, which in turn can lead to devastating crashes and injury.

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How Tire Problems Lead to Traffic Collision in Davie and Other Communities

Bald tires and tire blowouts cause a large portion of all tractor trailer and big rig accidents in Florida and across the United States. There many ways that tire problems can cause serious collisions:

  • Bald tires can result in a blowout
  • Bald tires can more easily become pierced, resulting in the driver losing control of the truck
  • Overinflated or underinflated tires may make it harder for a driver to control their vehicle
  • Tire blowouts can result in secondary car accidents if a car behind the truck swerves to avoid pieces of debris falling from the tires
  • Tire blowouts can lead to rollovers or chain reaction collisions
  • Bald tires can mean that a truck driver cannot stop in time or can cause a truck to slide on slippery roads, leading to rear-end collisions and other serious crashes
Why Do Tires Wear Down?

When checking tires, truck drivers and motor carriers are expected to check for adequate tread. When tires are bald or have insufficient tread, they are more likely to cause a blowout and a truck accident. Thinner treads mean that the tire rubber surface has worn down and tire may no longer be functioning correctly. In addition, low treads can make it harder for the truck's wheels to grip the surface of the road, which can make spinning out of control, especially in wet weather, a very real possibility. There are many reasons why truck tires may lose their tread more quickly:

  • Old rubber
  • Tires that have been driven longer than recommended by the manufacturer
  • Truck drivers or motor carriers not checking tires regularly before each trip
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Overweight trucks, which place additional stress on the tires

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