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Davie Unsafe Lane Changing Accidents

Driving in South Florida can be frightening and nerve-racking. Even in the best of times, it is always possible that you are driving next to a distracted driver, drunk driver, or even an unlicensed and uninsured driver who shouldn't be on the roads in Davie or your community at all. One of the things that make driving in this region even more frightening is the prevalence of lane change accidents. These accidents occur when a driver fails to signal or fails to check the lane is clear before zipping out of their own lane. Unfortunately, these types of accidents often occur at high speeds and can cause devastating and catastrophic injuries.

If you have been injured due to a reckless driver, contact Flaxman Law Group today for a free, no obligation case assessment. Our attorneys would be pleased to review your legal options and to help you understand what you can do to secure fair compensation in the aftermath of your traffic collision.

Dealing With The Aftermath Of A Serious Auto Crash In Davie Or Your Community

The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group work with traffic accident survivors all the time. One thing that our attorneys have noticed is just how much a serious accident can affect a person’s life. Many victims who are injured in car or truck accident in Davie or South Florida are in considerable pain and need to deal with expensive and painful medical treatments. In addition, often entire families are affected by high medical costs and lost wages that result from an accident.

One of the most difficult and intangible effects of a serious lane change traffic accident is the emotional toll it can take. It can be difficult for someone to have their livelihood, mobility, and health taken away. It can be even more difficult to find that it is difficult to get fair compensation for the injuries.

In many cases, families have to deal with unsympathetic representatives from car insurance companies as well as complicated insurance processes that leave them confused. In addition, injured persons sometimes find that they run into insurance problems when they try to file a claim. An insurance company may deny or undervalue a claim, for example, or an injured person may find out after the fact that they have been in a collision with an underinsured or uninsured driver.

What Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do For You?

At Flaxman Law Group, our attorneys can't turn back the clock and can't magically heal your injuries. What we can do is to handle any communication with insurance companies and pursue justice in your case. If you qualify, we can handle your legal claim and take care of all the details so that you can focus on your family. We can also handle all the details of your case, including getting you in to see specialists for your condition, investigating the accident, keeping you updated about your legal process, and taking care of the process of securing compensation. If you would like to find out more about what Flaxman Law Group can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact Flaxman law today for your free, no obligation case review.