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Davie Personal Injury

The town of Davie, Florida, has much to see and do, including the Flamingo Gardens, several golf courses, unique shops, and more. Davie has a rural feel and is known for its equestrian focus. Many residents in the area own horses and use the city’s extensive trail system to ride, walk, bike, and enjoy the outdoors. History buffs are often drawn to Davie because of many historic properties, including the Old Davie School, Viele House, and other historic buildings.

If you have been injured in Davie, when should you call a Davie personal injury attorney? In general, if you have sustained a serious injury that has resulted in medical care, lost time at work, and other expenses, you will want to contact a Davie personal injury attorney. Even if you have been injured in a Davie car accident, for example, and are covered by insurance, in many cases your case may be worth more than you realize and more than your insurance carrier is willing to pay out in claims. This could mean that you end up paying thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in expenses out of pocket. Consulting with a Davie personal injury attorney is important because it allows you to understand your rights and allows you to understand the value of your case, so that you can make the right decision in your specific circumstances.

You may be worried about paying your bills, mortgage or medical costs after an accident or injury. After an injury, the costs of medical expenses and other costs may be substantial. Davie spinal cord injury patients, for example, can expect to pay over one hundred thousand dollars for medical care in their first year of injury alone. While in many cases -- such as after a Davie truck accident -- insurance carriers will cover part of the costs, in many instances insurance covers only the most basic and immediate costs. Generally, Davie personal injury claimants find that the end up having to pay substantial costs out-of-pocket for expenses not covered by their insurance carriers. If you have been injured due to someone’s negligence, you deserve to have these costs covered. You should not have to cover substantial portions of these costs alone. Consulting with a Davie personal injury attorney is an important step to ensure that your rights are protected and that you do not end up paying too much out-of-pocket.

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