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Davie Inadequate Supervision

When those entrusted to care for elderly loved ones, children, or others fail to provide a good standard of supervision, serious injuries and even fatalities can take place. Children and vulnerable adults in care settings, especially, can get themselves trouble. Children can wander away from adults and into traffic or into a pool. Adults who have dementia or other conditions can injure themselves in a slip and fall accident in Davie or their community or come to harm in some other way.

Unfortunately, the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group see these kinds of situations all too often. If you are paying someone to care for an elderly loved one or a child or are visiting a public pool or other area where you expect adequate monitoring, you of course expect that correct supervision will protect you and your family from foreseeable harm. If inadequate supervision causes injury to you or a family member, contact Flaxman Law Group to review your options for legal remedies.

Providing Adequate Levels Of Supervision For Elderly Loved Ones

One issue that arises with nursing home and assisted living facility inadequate supervision cases in Davie and Florida is the idea that different patients need different levels of care. When placing a loved one in care, families expect that a loved one will be given the proper level of care. Someone who has advanced dementia, for example, may need assistance completing everyday tasks, including grooming and bathing. Someone who is more active but has a condition that leaves them weak may require assistance with bathing but may have more freedom and mobility. It is expected that staff will understand the different needs of various patients and will provide the adequate level of care in each case.

Unfortunately, one thing that can happen, especially in facilities with high staff turnover rates, is that sometimes someone who requires a lot of supervision will for some reason receive a lower level of monitoring intended for someone who's more independent. For someone who has a severe condition or advanced dementia, this can be fatal if they wander off by themselves into traffic or are left unattended in the bathtub where they are unable to care for themselves or unable to prevent drowning.

Getting Answers After a Serious Injury

When staff do not provide a proper level of supervision, there are usually many questions asked. One of them is whether the staff members took adequate care to ensure that patients or readings in a care setting had the proper level of supervision for their condition. For example, staff should have asked questions about a person's abilities and should have conducted a thorough evaluation of the patient to ensure that that the resident or patient had the support they needed. If staff did not do this or if they mixed up patient needs or supervision levels, they can be held accountable for any injuries that occur.

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