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Davie Intersection Accidents

Even one reckless or negligent motorist at an intersection in Davie or your community can cause devastating injuries or even fatalities in only just a few seconds. One driver running a red light, failing to yield right-of-way, or failing to check their blind spot can cause a chain reaction accident, T-bone accident, or other serious or deadly crash.

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Common Injuries in Intersection Accidents

Since intersection accidents often involve T-bone accidents, chain reaction crashes, and other serious collisions, the injuries sustained tend to be serious. Intersection crashes often result in head injuries, fractures, amputations, paralysis, and other catastrophic injuries. Whiplash is one of the common injuries sustained in intersection accidents. This is because the sudden impact in collision can result in the head snapping forward, causing damage to the discs, muscles, joints, nerves in the neck. In extreme cases, the injury can cause bruising of the brain as well as serious brain injury that can lead to pain, dizziness, headaches, vertigo, stiffness, and many other problems.

Why are Intersection Accidents in Davie and Across Florida so Deadly?

High speed collisions often occur at intersections. Often, these types of accidents occur because someone runs a stop sign or yellow light hoping to make it through to their destination. In fact, running red lights and intersection accidents are such a common problem that Florida has placed red light cameras at high collision intersections in order to ticket and stop speeders and those who violate the law. Unfortunately, red light cameras don't prevent all intersection accidents. If you have been in a serious intersection accident, you will need legal help in order to pursue fair compensation so that you don't have to deal with financial stress as well as the pain and suffering of your injuries.

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