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Davie Blind Spots

When cars and other vehicles drive in adjacent lanes, cars sometimes end up in blind spots or no zones, meaning that one motorist cannot see the other in their rear-view or side mirrors. Before changing lanes or before turning, drivers are expected to check their blind spots by physically turning around. Unfortunately, some drivers are negligent about taking this simple precaution and as a result terrible car and truck accidents occur each year in Davie and surrounding Florida communities due to this common mistake.

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There Are Many Things You Can Do To Prevent Blind Spot Accidents in Davie or Your Community

Blind spot accidents are often preventable. If motorists were simply more cautious about driving responsibly, many of these types of accidents could be prevented. You can help prevent these types of traffic collisions by:

1) Adjusting your mirrors correctly. Check periodically to make sure that the mirrors in your car or vehicle are properly adjusted. When adjusted properly, the side view mirrors should show you as much of the area along the side of your car is possible. Keep adjusting both mirrors until you can barely see your vehicle inside the mirror when you are sitting in the driver’s seat. Adjust your rearview mirror so that the rear view window is framed in the mirror.

2) Change your mirrors. You can replace your regular rearview mirror with a convex mirror, which can help you improve visibility and increase how much you can see behind your car. You can also purchase special blind spot mirrors which can help you reduce blind spots. These types of mirrors are very inexpensive and are great way to prevent traffic accidents in Davie or your community.

3) Drive within the speed limit. Car accidents and truck accidents are especially deadly when speed is a factor. When you drive the speed limit, you are more able to maneuver suddenly if you do notice a car drifting into your lane because the driver has failed to check their blind spot.

4) Drive defensively. Thinking ahead a few steps ahead when driving and keeping aware of the cars around you makes it less likely that your car will slip into a blind spot without you noticing.

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