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Coral Springs Elder Abuse

Elderly residents may rely on caretakers to help them with basic tasks, such as shifting in bed, eating, basic hygiene, and more. Because of their reliance on others, seniors can be vulnerable. When they are neglected or abused, they may have few types of recourse and may feel isolated and overwhelmed. In addition, physical and sexual abuse often leaves elderly residents with serious and even life-threatening injuries. Elder abuse can include emotional abuse, mental abuse, financial abuse, physical, or sexual abuse. It can also include neglect. Elder abuse in Coral Springs and Florida can include one event or series of recurring abuses and situations.

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What can be done to Stop Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence in Coral Springs?

There are many ways to stop abusers and others who allow elder abuse or neglect to occur:

  • Investigate caregivers carefully. If you have made the difficult decision to put a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility to ensure that they get a better quality of care, review your care options carefully. Visit facilities, compare different nursing homes, speak with staff, and interview other families who have family members at the facility.
  • Visit elderly family and friends regularly. In many cases, elder abuse occurs because no one notices the symptoms. Visiting friends and family in care settings may allow you to notice weight loss, unexplained injury, and other signs of abuse.
  • Ask questions. Ask elderly family members and friends whether they are being treated well and ask for a thorough investigation of any injury, illness, or signs of abuse you see.
  • Report abusive or neglectful behavior. If you notice abuse and neglect, report it and pursue the situation to hold those accountable responsible. Contact authorities and remove the patient or resident if they are in immediate danger.
  • Use the laws that are designed to protect the elderly. If a family member has suffered abuse or neglect, contact a personal injury attorney to find out how to legally and financially protect your family.
  • Advocate on behalf of seniors. Write to your elected representative to ask for tougher punishments for those who abuse their positions as caregivers. Join advocacy groups for seniors and their families to agitate for better care and fairer laws.
It Starts with You and Your Family

If you or a family member has been injured through abuse or neglect, you can fight back and send the message that abuse is always wrong. You can take action to prevent abusers from harming others. To find out what you can do, contact Flaxman Law Group. If you or a family member has been injured, arrange a free case review with a member of our law firm to find out what steps you can take.