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Coral Springs Bald Tires / Tire Blowout

Tire problems in Coral Springs and Florida cause many serious commercial truck accidents each year. It can be frustrating to be in a collision caused by a tire blowout or other preventable issue only to find out that your injuries could have been prevented. In these situations, it is important to remember that you may have legal options.

Whether you have a claim against a truck tire manufacturer or against a truck driver or trucking company, the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group work with a network of professionals to help you build a strong case. Our team of attorneys has more than six decades of combined experience and is willing to put this experience to work on your behalf.

How Can I Secure Fair Compensation for My Injuries?

If you have been injured in a traffic collision, your options for fair compensation may include:

1) Car insurance. If you have been injured in a traffic accident in Coral Springs or anywhere in Florida, your first instinct is likely to contact your insurance company. Your insurance company can investigate the cause of the accident and can start the claims process. Depending on the coverage you have as well as the conclusions of the insurance company, you may be eligible for compensation that can help you pay for car repairs and other costs. The main problem with insurance, however, is that in many cases insurance companies are looking to resolve claims inexpensively. Many injured people find that their claims are undervalued and that the insurance money does not pay for the full cost of their injuries.

2) Workers’ compensation benefits. If you were injured on the job or while driving a company car, you may be able to seek compensation through workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, these are rather limited in the coverage that they offer and if you have been seriously injured you may find that the insurance money does not cover your full costs.

3) A civil claim. If your accident was caused by someone's negligence or recklessness, you may have the option of seeking a personal injury claim against the liable parties. A civil claim allows you to seek compensation for lost wages, medical care, pain and suffering, incidental expenses, property damage, future expected costs related to your injuries, and more. To find out whether you have a civil claim and to find out how much your claim may be worth and the relative strength of your case, you will want to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your collision.

4) A settlement. In some cases, liable parties will try to offer you a settlement or cash in order to prevent you from seeking compensation later on. The aim of this is to pay for some of your injuries while ensuring that you do not pursue an expensive legal case. If you are offered a settlement, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney. A legal attorney can look over the terms of the settlement and can make sure that you are not signing away your rights. An attorney can also offer you advice about whether the amount being offered will truly pay for the cost of your injuries.

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury because of a trucking accident, tire blowout, or bald tires on a truck, contact Flaxman Law Group. Our legal team can help you understand how you can seek compensation that may be owed to you.