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Coral Springs Overweight / Overload Trucks

Overloaded trucks and trucks with incorrectly secured cargo are a major hazard on our roads. These trucks may be violating federal weight limits and cargo rules and in doing so may be putting you and your family at risk of a serious car collision in Coral Springs or your community. The reality is that exceeding weight limits for tractor trailers and big rigs puts extra pressure on tires and brake systems, meaning that these systems can fail at any time. Commercial trucks that exceed weight limits are also harder to control and more likely to roll over. They even cause damage to roadways and bridges, so that they may be contributing to accidents long after they are gone.

Have you been injured because a truck carrier or driver negligently ignored the federal rules meant to protect you and your family? The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group believe that you deserve justice and answers. If your accident and injuries were caused by an overweight truck or a truck carrying incorrectly loaded cargo, you may have a legal claim that lets you pursue compensation for pain and suffering, property damage, income loss, medical costs, and more. To find out the details, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free case review.

A Serious Trucking Collision Can Have a Huge Financial Impact

If you have been in a serious accident involving an overloaded truck, you may face considerable expenses, including:

  • Hospital bills
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Future medical expenses
  • Future lost income options
  • Incidental expenses
  • Property damage
  • Car repairs or car replacement
  • Transportation costs, such as the cost of using a taxi or getting a rental car while your car is being replaced or repaired
  • At-home care
  • Nursing home or assisted living facility care if you are permanently injured
  • Physical therapy, rehabilitation, and other medical services
  • Medication
  • Medical devices

The cost of a serious truck injury can easily end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars or in excess of one million dollars. Due to the size and force of a truck, especially a severely overloaded truck, a passenger vehicle simply has no chance. In these cases, the injuries sustained may be even more severe due to the extra force exerted by the unsafe weight of the truck.

How Can Flaxman Law Group Help If A Truck Accident In Coral Springs Or Your Community Has Injured You?

If you have been injured by a truck collision, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free case evaluation. There are many things that our attorneys may be able to do. They can meet with you in a free, confidential case consultation in order to help you understand your options and whether you have a case. There is no pressure to retain the services of our law firm, but if you do we can take care of all the details of your case, from helping you find a rental car and a medical expert to pursuing your case aggressively in court or in negotiations with insurance carriers. We can help you evaluate insurance offers, and may be able to investigate your claim. We can also help you file a legal claim if that is what you decide to do. To take the next step in getting fair compensation for your injuries, contact Flaxman Law Group today for a free case review.