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Coral Springs Motorcycle Accident

In listings of US cities, Florida's Coral Springs regularly ranks high as one of the safest and best places to live. Famous for the Covered Bridge, the "Our Town" Festival, the Coral Springs Center for the Arts, the annual Christmas parade, the "Fiesta Coral Springs," the Coral Springs Museum of Art, and the Festival of the Arts, Coral Springs has strict ordinances to keep the city a safe, clean, and pleasant place to live. The planned community is a fun place to live and a great place to raise a family. Its many attractions also make Coral Springs a popular place for visitors.

Unfortunately, even excellent community planning cannot eradicate all risk of accidents. Like all cities, Coral Springs does experience traffic accidents and severe motorcycle accidents on its roadways each year. If you have been in a Coral Springs motorcycle accident, contact the Flaxman Law Group. With law offices in Hollywood, Miami, and Homestead, the Flaxman Law Group has already helped thousands of South Florida personal injury victims, including motorcycle accident victims. With extensive experience in motorcycle accident claims, the legal team at the Flaxman Law Group has extensive trial experience as well as negotiation experience. Whether you need help negotiating with your insurance carrier or want to take your case all the way to the courts, arrange for a free consultation with the Flaxman Law Group to find out what our legal team can do for you.

At the Flaxman Law Group, we are ready to fight for your rights. If you have been in a Coral Springs motorcycle accident, you will need somebody to fight for your rights. You will need somebody who can fight for the maximum recovery possible, so that you have the money needed to replace lost income, repair your motorcycle, and pay for medical bills as well as all related medical costs. In many cases, insurance only covers a fraction of these costs. An aggressive attorney can help fight for your rights more aggressively, so that you do not end up paying tens of thousands of dollars for your accident out of pocket.

If you have been in an accident, it is all too easy to sign your rights away. In many cases, insurance companies are quick to settle a claim and to make a lowball offer. In many cases, you need to sign away your rights to further legal action before getting a claim amount. While it may be tempting to get immediate insurance payout without consulting with an attorney, this strategy can cost you a great deal of money in the long run. Insurance companies rarely cover all the costs of an accident. While some of your immediate income loss and medical bills may be covered, any long-term rehabilitation costs, medication, home care, and medical costs will likely not be covered. As well, without an attorney, you're unlikely to get compensation for all of your lost income and to get the full cost of your bike back. A qualified an aggressive attorney can pursue your case to ensure that you get the recovery that you deserve.

Coral Springs is only about a thirty minute drive from the Flaxman Law Group offices in Hollywood. Just follow NW 108th, NW 34th Street, Coral Springs Drive, W Atlantic Boulevard, the Florida Turnpike, the Ronald Reagan Turnpike, Hollywood Boulevard, and FL-7 N to Johnson Street. The Flaxman Law Group offices are at 5715 Johnson Street. Call the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free consultation and to get detailed directions to our offices.