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Coral Springs Truck Driver Fatigue

If you have been in a traffic accident in Coral Springs or any Florida community and your collision involved a commercial truck, it is important to consider truck driver fatigue and recklessness as part of the cause of your accident. Commercial truck drivers are required by law to take frequent rest breaks and to drive no more than ten hours per day before taking a break. Unfortunately, truck drivers sometimes ignore these rules and recklessly drive when fatigued, even though studies have shown that this can be as dangerous as drunk driving.

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The Seriousness of Truck Driver Fatigue

Many people think that driving when tired isn't that big of a problem, but studies have shown that truck driver fatigue leads to truck accidents across the country. Drivers who are fatigued are often simply unable to focus on the road and may even drift into miniature sleeps called micro-sleeps. Micro-sleeps can last just a few seconds or even a fraction of a second. In fact, drivers are often unaware that they have drifted off. Unfortunately, during these fractions of a second they can cause a serious accident.

In addition to micro-sleeps, fatigued truck drivers may have poor motor control, poor decision-making skills, and may even fall asleep at the wheel, drifting into oncoming lanes or losing control of their vehicles. Due to the size and force of a big rig or tractor-trailer, this situation can quickly turn deadly and can lead to fatalities, serious car accidents, and permanent injuries for other drivers.

Proving Fault in a Truck Accident

Even if your truck accident was caused by a fatigued truck driver, it can be difficult to prove. There is no real test for truck driver fatigue the way that there are field sobriety tests for drunk driving. In addition, truck drivers may falsify the documentation that is required of them to show how many hours they have rested and how long they have driven. It often takes accident reconstruction experts, private investigators, and a team of attorneys in order to uncover whether truck driver fatigue played a role in an accident. If a truck driver did violate federal rules, you may qualify for compensation that can help you pay for your medical bills, car repairs, and other incidental costs related to your injuries.

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