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Coral Springs Bus Accident

Coral Springs is a Broward County community located in southern Florida. This planned community is famous for its very strict codes, which ensure very high property values and low crime rates. The city codes dictate everything from commercial signs to roofing materials, to vehicle storage, landscaping, and other issues. As a result of these strict rules there are few commercial signs and very few tall buildings in the community, making Coral Springs attractive and unique in the area.

Coral Springs residents and visitors have a range of transportation options, including a number of bus options available to them. Buses in the area are generally considered quite safe and most bus operators take care to provide safe transport for their passengers. However, when Coral Springs traffic accidents involving buses do occur, the size and force of these larger vehicles can result in devastating injuries.

In many cases, after a Coral Springs bus accident, the insurance company representing the bus company will approach any victims of the accident to make a settlement offer. Even if this offer seems reasonable, it is important to consult with a qualified Coral Springs personal injury attorney before accepting. Coral Springs bus accidents can result in devastating injuries, including spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and many other injuries. Even a simple soft tissue injury can result in months of lost income, pain and suffering, and long-term expensive medical bills. Insurance companies often want to resolve the case quickly and inexpensively, and accepting a settlement offer before you know the full extent of your injuries can be a mistake. In many cases you will sign away your right to pursue legal action for an amount that may not cover the full cost of your injuries. A personal injury attorney can negotiate with the insurance carrier to ensure that you have the best settlement offer and can pursue a legal claim if you decide to do that to ensure that you get justice in your case.

If you have been injured in a bus accident, you will need to speak with a personal injury attorney to ensure that you have the best chance for maximum compensation that will cover as much as possible of your lost income, medical expenses, and injuries. The full-service law firm of the Flaxman Law Group has three conveniently located offices in Homestead, Hollywood, and Miami. The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group has represented thousands of southern Florida personal injury victims and has recovered more than 25 million dollars on behalf of these clients. To find out what the Flaxman Law Group can do for you, contact the Flaxman Law Group today for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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