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Coral Gables Stopping Distance

One of the biggest threats that a commercial big rig or commercial truck poses to other users of the road in Coral Gables and other communities is when a tractor trailer needs to stop fast. The reality is that tractor-trailers and commercial trucks take much longer to stop when compared with passenger vehicles. When combined with high speeds, slow driver response times, and overloaded or overweight trucks that increase stopping distances even more, serious accidents can easily result. While longer stopping distances are simply part of the design of tractor-trailers and big trucks, when drivers or truck carriers are negligent in taking care of their trucks, they can be held liable in any road collision that result due to their recklessness.

If you have been injured in a roadway crash because a truck failed to stop in time, you may have questions. You can always reach Flaxman Law Group if you would like to speak to a professional attorney quickly and without cost about your situation. We offer a free initial case review that allows you to discuss your situation with a member of our professional and compassionate legal team.

Do You Have a Claim?

Stopping distance issues can result in a wide range of accidents and legal claims. You may have a legal claim if you have been injured while an occupant in a:

  • Private car, van, SUV, or truck
  • Taxi
  • City bus
  • Commercial vehicle
  • School bus
  • Charter travel coach
  • Train
  • Airport shuttle
  • Commercial truck
  • Tour bus

Any time that you are injured in a trucking accident, you will want to get legal advice to determine what your legal rights for compensation may be.

Who is Liable in Your Traffic Collision?

In many cases involving stopping distance issues, the truck driver is found to be at fault. This is because in many cases these types of motor vehicle crashes are caused by misjudged distances or by driver error. However, there may be more than one liable party in your case. For example, an investigation may show that the accident was caused by insufficient inspections and by brake defects. In this case, you may have a products liability claim against the manufacturer of the brakes as well as claims against the driver and truck carrier.

If you would like to know who was liable in your accident and would like to know whether you have a claim, your best option is to contact a personal injury attorney in Coral Gables or your community.

If you are looking for a personal injury attorney, you can contact Flaxman Law Group at any time. When you work with Flaxman Law Group, our full-service law firm has the resources to take care of all the details of your claim. From helping you find a rental car to helping you find medical resources in your community to launching a lawsuit that aggressively pursues justice and compensation for you and your family, our law firm does it all so that you can start on the road to recovery.