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Coral Gables Private Buses

Private bus services include cars, shuttles, vans and buses. These services are used to transport people to and from the airport as well as other destinations. Commonly used by tourists and travelers, these services are often a convenient and affordable way to get around South Florida. However, each year people in Coral Gables and Florida are injured or even killed in traffic collisions involving these types of vehicles.

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Private Bus Collisions in Coral Gables and Florida Can be Dangerous

Private buses can lead to more serious accidents and injuries when compared with passenger cars for a number of reasons:

  • They are larger and therefore exert more force in a collision, causing potentially more serious injury
  • Shuttle buses and private buses tend to use highways frequently, especially as they travel between airports and other destinations, which means accidents involving these vehicles often include high speeds
  • Not all passengers buckle up in shuttles (and some private buses do not have seat belts)
  • Private buses are larger vehicles and more at risk for rollovers
  • Passengers bring luggage on board, which can become a projectile during a crash
  • There are usually multiple passengers on board, and this can mean multiple points of impact and multiple injuries during a crash

For all these reasons, bus collisions can lead to more serious injuries when compared with smaller cars. The added complication of private bus and shuttle collisions in your community mean that if you are ever in a collision while riding in one of these vehicles, you will want to get legal advice about your situation. An attorney can help protect your rights and can fight for fair compensation for you. A good lawyer can also help you review settlements and insurance offers and help you make the right decisions about your case and compensation.

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