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Coral Gables Automobile & Motorcycle

Automobile and motorcycle accidents occur on Coral Gables and Florida roads each day. If you are involved in a traffic collision, it is normal to be frightened and upset. A collision between a motorcycle and larger passenger car, especially, is likely to lead to devastating injuries for the motorcyclist. While cars have crumple zones, air bags, seat belts, and other devices meant for passenger safety, there is often very little protecting someone who is on a motorcycle. For this reason, motorcycle accidents involving cars often result in catastrophic injuries, permanent injuries, and even fatalities.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car and motorcycle crash through no fault of your own, you can always reach Flaxman Law Group to get quick, upfront, legal advice at no charge in a no obligation consultation. Contact Flaxman Law Group today at no cost and with no obligation to find out whether you have legal recourse after being injured in a traffic accident.

Injuries Caused by Automobile and Motorcycle Collisions

Motorcycle and car crashes in Coral Gables cause devastating injuries, including:

  • Amputations
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Burns
  • Disfigurement
  • Internal Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Paralysis
  • Brain injuries
  • Back injuries and spinal cord injuries

These injuries not only cause pain and suffering but in many cases leave victims unable to work while also creating substantial medical bills. While car insurance is meant to cover some of the costs of these injuries, in reality insurance rarely covers the total long-term costs of catastrophic injuries and many accident survivors find they need to work with a personal injury attorney in order to get fair compensation for their injuries.

Who Is Liable For Your Automobile And Motorcycle Collision?

Unfortunately, after a car and motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist is sometimes blamed for the crash, even if the accident was not his or her fault. Even though the motorcyclist is often the one who is most seriously injured, some people assume that since a motorcycle is more maneuverable on the road this means that the motorcyclist is responsible in the event of a collision.

Often, it requires a personal injury attorney with extensive resources – including private investigators, expert witnesses, and accident reconstruction professionals – to determine exactly what has caused an accident. It may take a very thorough investigation that is separate from the official police and insurance investigations in order to find out what has really happened. If you have been injured in an auto and motorcycle accident, keep in mind that the official investigation and conclusion of police and authorities does not necessarily reflect what actually happened. If you have been accused of causing an accident but believe it was not your fault, consult with a personal injury attorney in Coral Gables or your community to get answers as well as to pursue justice and compensation.

Flaxman Law Group provides strong representation for those who have been injured through no fault of your own. If you think you have a case or would like to know how much your injuries may end up costing you, contact Flaxman Law Group to discuss your injuries and your possible legal options. Your initial consultation is free and comes with no obligation.