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Coral Gables Amputations

Amputations are one of the most challenging injuries to sustain, since they affect mobility and possibly earning potential for a lifetime. If you have suffered a loss of limb, get answers and seek compensation by working with a personal injury attorney in Coral Gables or your community. You don’t have to go through the process alone.

Looking for a Personal Injury Attorney in Coral Gables or South Florida?

The Flaxman Law Group legal team focuses their legal efforts on helping personal injury plaintiffs – including amputation victims – in Coral Gables and across South Florida. The legal team has successfully helped patients deal with a variety of issues, including finding proper medical care, dealing with insurance denials, and filing lawsuits targeting negligent actions of liable parties.

Why do Amputations in Coral Gables Occur?

Amputations can occur for number of reasons, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle crashes
  • Construction site accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Aviation accidents
  • Workplace accidents and workplace violence
  • Boating collisions
  • Birth injuries
  • Train crashes

No matter what has caused loss of limb in your case, if negligence or recklessness played a role in your injury you could be eligible for compensation that can help pay for lost wages, medical costs, and other expenses related to your injuries.

Don’t Face a Serious Injury Alone

Amputation is an extremely traumatic injury that results in a lifetime of additional medical costs and medical care. In addition, intensive mental and physical therapy is often needed for months after the initial surgery to help the patient deal with the loss of a limb. Once this has been completed, a patient may need to be fitted with a prosthetic limb. Depending on the severity of the amputation, patients may need to make changes in their home or in their car for accessibility purposes.

Since the healing process takes so long and involves so many stages, you don’t want to go through the process alone. Working with a personal injury attorney in Coral Gables or your community ensures you won’t have to face the process by yourself.

What Can a Personal Injury Attorney in Coral Gables do for You?

A personal injury attorney can do many things for an amputee. They can:

  • Review the specifics of the accident and investigate the causes of the accident
  • Document the injuries and compile medical information
  • Speak with expert witnesses and medical experts to find out whether negligence has taken place
  • Work with private investigators to find all liable parties
  • Negotiate with insurance carriers on your behalf for fair compensation
  • Help review paperwork and insurance offers with you so that you make an informed decision
  • Advise you of any legal claims that you may have
  • Help you understand the likely total cost of your injuries
  • Help you find local resources that can help you
  • File the needed paperwork to start claims proceedings or insurance proceedings
  • Help you understand the likelihood of getting compensation and the strength of your case
  • Pursue compensation on your behalf in the court system

Don’t hesitate. Even if you're not sure whether your amputation was caused by negligence or recklessness, speak with one of the personal injury attorneys at the Flaxman Law Group today. Your initial consultation costs nothing and comes with no obligation so you lose nothing by getting an expert legal opinion about your case.