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Coral Gables Insurance Law

Most people pay considerable amounts of money for insurance, including life insurance, medical insurance, car insurance, and disability coverage. These types of insurance can cost thousands of dollars per year and most people take out policies in order to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that if anything happens they are covered. Unfortunately, insurance companies will sometimes deny claims or will make it difficult for legitimate claimants to claim their money. While it is true that insurance fraud is a serious concern, when legitimate claimants are denied money that they are owed through their insurance policies, the results can be devastating. It can mean that injured people are unable to pay for their medical costs, property damage, and other expenses.

What Can You Do if Your Insurance Claim is Denied?

If you are involved in dispute with your insurance company or have been denied a claim, contact the Flaxman Law Group for a free case evaluation. Charles Flaxman, the founder and principal of the Flaxman Law Group worked for 10 years in the insurance industry. In addition to more than 25 years of experience as a trial attorney, he has extensive experience with the insurance industry and really understands how insurance companies think. If you are having a dispute with your insurance company and need an aggressive negotiator by your side, he and his team of attorneys can help you fight for your rights.

Why are Legitimate Insurance Claims Denied?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are in business and this means that they're looking to make the greatest profit possible. Even though insurance companies do rely on policyholders to make money, when those same policyholders do not collect on submitted claims or do not file claims, insurance companies make a greater profit.

There are also some insurance companies that have a history of denying claims, even when those claims are perfectly legitimate. In some of these cases, only working with a personal injury attorney experienced insurance law will ensure that the policy will be honored and your insurance company will pay out your insurance claim. Working with a personal injury in Coral Gables places pressure on your insurance company and ensures that they can’t get away with brushing your claim aside.

The Flaxman Law Group understands that when you submit a claim to your insurance company, you expect the company to honor your claim and act in good faith. After all, you have paid considerable amounts of money to the insurance company and have been helping them grow as a business. Unfortunately, disputes can occur if an insurance company denies a claim that is legitimate, especially if the claim is denied without an adequate explanation. Disputes can also occur in cases where a claimant gets less than the amount of money that they were old for an insurance claim.

If this happens to you, don’t delay. Contact the Flaxman Law Group if you are not getting any answers or assistance. The Flaxman Law Group can set up a free consultation so that you can review your situation with an experienced personal injury or insurance law attorney.